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Other Side Of The Crossover Worlds by SuperSmashCynderLum
Other Side Of The Crossover Worlds
Another Super Legend Heroes scene idea for :iconboogeyboy1: and :iconmighty355: :)

Inspired by Boogey Boy's pic of Sqgghm Island.… I decided to show that on the other side of the combined worlds are Spyro's, Crash's, Donkey Kong's, Kirby's and the Pokemon worlds combined together which resulted after Opperation C.R.O.S.S.O.V.E.R. (With the real world being in the center.) ^^

I don't own these pics or the worlds.
Rosalina, Luma and some water type Pokemon by SuperSmashCynderLum
Rosalina, Luma and some water type Pokemon
It's been a while since I submitted any Super Smash Bros snapshots. It isn't much, It's Just Rosalina and her Luma hanging out with a Blastoise and a Piplup. The pic is rather beautiful however. :)

I don't own any of the characters
What's Going On Here by SuperSmashCynderLum
What's Going On Here
A super legend heroes scene for :iconboogeyboy1: and :iconmighty355: :)

Since Boogeyboy has been spooked out by some creepy things:… Lulu decides that she'll help him out with the commanding and evil planning until he gets back to his normal self. Suddenly, Andre, Andrea, Black Lum Twinkle, Reflux and Leypts arrive with really bad news and Lulu wonders what is going on here.

Andre and Reflux belong to Ubisoft

Shiny Vulpix belongs to Nintendo/Game freak

Andrea and Leyptys belong to :iconroveston: and me

Black Lum Twinkle belongs to me
Pokemon Mystery dungeon is back! by SuperSmashCynderLum
Pokemon Mystery dungeon is back!
Yep. I heard on the internet that a new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game called Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon will be released in fall 2015 in japan and america in winter 2015. Yay!!! :D It's been so long since there has been another Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game and I really hope it'll be more fun then gates to infinity. :) (meaning it has more recruitable Pokemon and you can pick your own gender this time. :)) I'm not sure what starter Pokemon will be avaliable to pick in Super Mystery Dungeon, but until the list is revealed, I think I'll be fennekin and my partner will be Froakie. :) Just like how in Blue Rescue team/Explorers of Sky I'm Eevee and my partner is Pikachu and in Explorers of Time I'm Skitty and my partner is Piplup. :) Now I traded in my gates to infinity game a long time ago since I was so disapponted about the game's story, recruitable Pokemon and the fact Both the player and partner are always male. :( But since the announcement of Super Mystery Dungeon, I'm thinking maybe if I have extra money around I might buy it again just for the sake of collection. If I ever do, I'm gonna be Axew and my partner will be Oshawott.

Pokemon and The Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series belong to Nintendo
Dad! NO!!! by SuperSmashCynderLum
Dad! NO!!!
A Super Legend Heroes scene that I made based off of one of the scenes Boogey Boy made himself.:… ;)

Out of everyone who is shocked by what happened to Stan, Steve is the most upset because he never imagined his own father to be turned into a cyborg and evil. Now Evil Stan is ready to attack! This is getting really intense here! :(

5/26/2015 edit: Here are some story quotes :iconboogeyboy1:, :iconmighty355: and I thought of together. :)

:iconsteve-smithplz: D-D-Dad?!?! :icongaspplz:

:iconstansmithplz: must.....kill..... Rage

:iconsteve-smithplz: NO! DAD! It's me! Your son!!!! Crying

:iconstansmithplz: must smash.....son's....ass....

:iconsteve-smithplz: *gasps in horror*

Samuel: Steve! Watch out!!!

Evil stan misses Steve and punches the wall.

:iconsteve-smithplz: *just managed to dodge Stan's attack* Phew, That was a close one!

:iconstansmithplz: ROOAAAAARR!!!! Rage

:iconsteve-smithplz: Oh G**! Now what?! :( (Sad)

Samuel, Maggie and pikachu leap to Steve's aid.

Samuel and Maggie: Hold it Stan!!! Rage

Pikachu: Pika pikachu!!! Rage

:iconstansmithplz: must...destroy...all heroes!!!!

:iconpikachuplz: Pika pika pika pikachu! (Uh oh! Looks like we're gonna have a really difficult fight!)

:iconstansmithplz: GGGRRAAAAHHHH!!!! I....WILL....STOMP YOU!!! Rage

:iconeeveeplz: Eevee! Eevee Eevee Eevee! (Uh oh! He's about to attack!!)

:iconstansmithplz: *tries to leap at eevee*

Eevee barely dodges him.

Stan charges at Samuel while screaming…

:iconstewiegriffinplz: Samuel, look out!

Stan attacks Samuel and knocks him out!

Maggie: Samuel!!!! :( (Sad)

samuel: I'm ok!

Maggie: Thank Goodness! :) (Smile)

:icontuff-plz: Cool! But we still need to deal with him! *points to evil stan*

:iconrogerplz: I've gonna bad feeling about it!
:iconklausheisslerplz: Me too!
Maggie: Damn it, Stan! I said hold it!
Samuel: My God! He never listens to us. Pikachu, now's your chance to used thunderbolt at Stan Smith!
:iconpikachuplz: Pika! (Right!) Piiikkkkaaa! [And used thunderbolt at Stan smith] Chhhhhhhuuuu!

:iconstansmithplz: [still walks when gets electrocuted] grr...GRRRRR!!!!!

:iconkirbyplz: All right! Back off or I'll inhale you into my belly! Rage

Evil stan throws boulders at kirby's mouth.

Kirby: Ow! I'm ok!

Evil stan grins when he hits kirby

the he gets hit by rocks thrown by bart and Milhouse.

Kirby: All right! Nice on Bart and Milhouse! :D (Big Grin)

:iconstansmithplz: GRRR....

:iconcynderplz: Ok, now what'll we do?

:iconstewiegriffinplz: I know!

:iconeeveeplz:  Eevee Eevee? (what is it Stewie?)

:iconstewiegriffinplz: distract him! 

:iconjigglypuffplz: Jiggly Jigglypuff! (I can do it!) :) (Smile)

:iconkirbyplz: Me too! :) (Smile)

:iconstewiegriffinplz: go for it!

:iconkirbyplz: Hey Stan!

:iconjigglypuffplz: Jigglypuff Jigglypuff Jigglypuff! (I bet you can't attack 2 adorable puffballs like us! XD)

:iconstansmithplz: GGRRRRRRR!!

Stan tries to attack them, but he misses them.

:iconstansmithplz: grr?

:iconkirbyplz: Ha ha ha ha! Missed us!! XD

Then Samuel manages to knock him out!

Jigglypuff: Jiggly! Jiggly Jigglypuff!!! (Yay! Nice one Samuel! :) (Smile))

:iconstansmithplz:urrrgghhhh..... *faints*

:icondiddykongplz:Well, that takes care of him.

Stewie gets a golf club out

:iconsteve-smithplz:Uhhhh, What are you planning to do with that golf club stewie?

Stewie whacks the cybernetic face off evil stan.

:iconstansmithplz:huh?!? Stewie?

:iconsteve-smithplz: Dad! You're back to normal! :D (Big Grin)

:iconstewiegriffinplz: hey stan, where was the last time you remembered? 

:iconstansmithplz: that stranger in white shoots me with a track dart..

:iconsunsetshimmerponyplz: Oh dear. :( (Sad)

 Hobbyist Digital Artist
:iconstewiegriffinplz: let me recap, you were brainwashed and wanted to attack us...thanks to this! * points to cybernetic*:iconstansmithplz: Holy crap!

Samuel: hey stan, remember the enemy?

:iconstansmithplz: Not really. All I saw was that he appeared to have worn a white cloak before I was knocked cold.

Samuel: no no no, the other enemy! Who put cybernetics on you?

Stan Smith: Oh, some sort of blue man. I think that's what I saw.

Samuel: blue man? Was that the virus?

Stan Smith: Uh, yeah! That's what that blue guy's last name was! Strange last name.

Maggie: the phantom virus!

king dedede: it is a dark presence! I fear the curse of the nightmare master is apon us! :( (Sad)

Escargoon: That Nightmare Master is worse then Nightmare himself! Fear

Bart: let's get going man!

Everyone nods and gets going.

I don't own any of the characters.

Ok, a little rant that I really want to get out now. You guys might argue against me about this, but.....I really don’t like Alicorn Twilight now. I really used to love her when she was first introduced, but as season 4 passed on and season 5 is starting up. I realise I now really hate her with a passion. Twilight should have never even become an Alicorn in the first place! Here are my many reasons why I now hate her in the first place.

  1. Fluttercord/Keep Calm and Flutter on

Fluttercord by mysticalpha

Ok, I know what you guys are thinking, What does this have to do with Alicorn Twilight? Much more then you guys think. Ok, this all started in the season 3 episode Keep Calm and Flutter on. The main summery of this episode is: Celestia wants Fluttershy to reform Discord by some unknown reason and of coarse only Fluttershy out of all the other main six Ponies trusts him and Fluttershy goes on her way to try and teach Discord about friendship and stuff not by force, but by letting him make his own decisions and letting him know there are limitations to the decisions he makes. After a while Discord finally gets the message clear and he reforms (but not completely as we’ll find out later.) Now, this episode wouldn’t be so bad itself if it weren’t for the fact that later on, Hasbro keeps pushing Fluttercord forward on to the fans appeal! Now, I love Dispie. Discord and Pinkie Pie being a couple together is way awesome so It sickens me that Hasbro would pick just one pairing for Discord like Fluttershy and rub it in on people’s faces. Just like how they did it with Alicorn Twilight! :rage:

  1. Pinkie Pride
Cheesepie by Watisdatdennhier

Ok, here’s my next complaint. It’s this episode. I really dislike this for a lot of reasons, 1. This episode is a slight rip off of Party for one. (Pinkie Pie feels left out when her friends are paying more attention to Cheese Sandwich.) 2. The character, Cheese Sandwich is (I think) voiced by Weird Al and for the most part, he’s Pinkie Pie’s hated rival. (They do make up in the end, but it’s still kind of sickening) and 3. This is Hasbro’s answer when they prefered Fluttercord to Dispie. (They’re like: “Oh, We love Discord to be with Fluttershy and we know you Pinkie Pie fans are feeling left out, so here’s this pony to help fix your Pinkie Pie pairing needs.) Come on, Cheese Sandwich has only appeared in like one episode and has only made a few cameo appearances so far and now all the fans love this pairing? Seesh! Dang you Hasbro!

  1. Twilight’s Kingdom part 1 and 2

Ok, this was the two part episode that made me realise Alicorn Twilight is nothing but a big mary sue crapper (and what made me realise MLP FIM is now heading straight towards the crapper.) A not so new villain Tirek has been freed from his prison and Celestia chooses Discord over Twilight to solve the problem much to the later’s dismay, and of coarse, Discord and Tirek end up teaming up and Discord betrays Celestia and the other Alicorns. So now, Celestia, Luna and Canadance decide intead of sending Twilight and the ohers to stop Tirek, They’ll just send Twilight alone to stop him and they give all of their powers to her and tell her she must keep her new powers a secret from them. (Uh, do you guys really think Twilight has a chance to stop him alone?!) So anyway, while this is happening, Tirek is absorbing all of the magic from Ponies, Pegasus’ and Unicorns and he even manages to destroy Twilight’s personal Library! :cry: Twilight Sparkle's Library by McAwesomeBrony MLP Background: Golden Oaks Library, Destroyed by FavoriteArtManOf coarse, then there’s The needless heart break scene between Fluttershy and Discord, The duel between Twilight and Tirek where they’re about evenly matched and get this: Tirek back stabs Discord, saying he was just using him all this time and absorbs his powers as well. Oh, and another thing, When Tirek threatens to destroy all of Twilight friends if she doesn’t surrender her powers to him, she ends up doing it dispite her friends objections, then goes on to say: “All of my friends” refering to Discord. (Uh Twilight, I thought you were the one who distrusted Discord the most and besides, he betrayed Celestia on you.) So after all of her magic is absorbed, Discord finally sees the error of all of his ways and gives to Twilight the box that was originally Tirek’s brother. It turns out, that was the final key needed to open the box in the tree of harmony. The box opens and this happens: MAAAAAGIC by LUciferAmon The ponies are rainbowfied and they all defeat Tirek together, then....they all go back to their original forms. What?! Their Rainbow forms only lasted for a few measly seconds! All of that hype for nothing!!! Ok, then Princess celestia rewards Twilight and her friends for all of their hard work, with this:  Twilight's Castle by frostykat13 Castle. An Fregin Castle. WHAT?! NO! THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE! You would think that Twilight get her library back or at least have her castle look like her library, but no, she gets a Frigin stupid castle! This epsiode blows big time!! :rage:

  1. Cutie Markless/Cutie Map

The Cutie Map Review by kacript

Ok, I don’t have much to say about this, because it’s about as stupid as it gets. The mane six go to some world where the main antagonist of the two part episode, Starlight Glimmer is trying to make everyone equal by stealing their cutie marks and telling them they don’t need them. This is both creepy and terrifying in ways. Plus the plot line is as boring as heck and get this: Starlight Glimmer escapes her captors and gets away with her crimes. Ok, Trixie may have some excuse, but this..this is dumb beyond belief.

  1. Castle Sweet Castle

Ok, here’s another epsiode that’s just as dumb as The Cutie Map. Twilight’s been avoiding her castle lately because she misses her old library. So what do her good friends do? do they go out to rebuild her old library so Twilgiht can visit it at anytime? NO! They just redecorate the castle from the inside to make it look like her old library. After it’s done, Twilight, being the hypcritical Princess She now is, loves the idea and now calls the castle her home. The is just plan stupid beyond beilef!! :facepalm:

  1. The Smooze.

Well, guess what? Hasbro finally decides to reintroduce the Smooze into the 4th Gen of MLP. Now, I expected the Smooze to be an awesome corrupt evil creature like what this wonderful deviant user drew. MLP OC Villain: Smooze by CHCHcartoons Instead we have this piece of crap. The Smooze by Dropple-RD Now in the episode it appears in, Discord invited it over to the Glade in order to make Fluttershy jealous when she makes a new friend. It doesn’t go well, and Discord ends up making the blob angry and it tries to destroy the Glade. But in the end, Discord manages to calm it down and he learns it’s ok if he and others make makes more then one friend. Ok, now this is just big piles of crap. This epsidoe is just another Fluttercord excuse plot and the reason why the smooze turned bad was because of Discord’s actions. UGH! I feel like I’m dying of rage here! I wish I could be done here, but I have one more topic to discuss. And it’s the one you’ve been waiting for.......

  1. Princess Twilight herself. Princess Twilight Sparkle by CaNoN-lb

I actually loved Princess Twilight at first because she would be better and look cooler with wings. (and I didn’t like how Unicorn Twilight attacked the real canadace thinking she’s the evil one.) but then as the episodes went on, she didn’t fulfill a lot of my expectations. I mean the series focused more and more on her and her dutys as a princess. (Don’t give me the excuss that she’s the main protagonist because her friends need the equal treatment as well.) and I expected her to at least once go crazy or power hungry with the pressures of being a princess, but nope. She doesn’t and that’s what made me so annoyed! UGH!!!!!

So yeah, After all of these things, i now really hate Princess Twilight Sparkle myself. Sorry fans, but this is my decison and I'm not going back on it ever! Hasbro is just gonna keep making more crappy ecisons with the series until the day it finally dies. I hate Princess Twilight Sparkle just as much as I hate GKND (which I hope it never comes to reality but sadly I have a horrible feeling it will someday.) Spare me your hate Alicorn Twilgiht fans!!

Oh, and be on the look out for :iconmighty355:'s comic Super Legend Heroes on june 12th which will be really exciting! :D

Me: Alicorn Twilight is becoming more popular then ever!!! :icongaspplz:

:iconhomerplz: :iconbartsimpsonplz: :iconpetergriffinplz: :iconchrisgriffinplz: :iconstewiegriffinplz: :iconbriangriffinplz: :iconmarioplz: :iconluigiplz: :iconsonicplz: :icontailsplz: :iconknucklesplz: :iconyoshiplz: :iconraymanplz: :icongloboxplz: :iconstansmithplz: :iconsteve-smithplz: :iconrogerplz: :iconklausheisslerplz: :iconashketchumplz: :iconserena-kalos-plz: :iconclemontplz: :iconbonniexyplz: :iconpikachuplz: :iconfennekinplz: :iconjigglypuffplz: :iconchespinplz: :iconeeveeplz: :icon
Dedenneplz: :iconkirbyplz: :icontiffplz: :icontuff-plz: :icondiddykongplz: :iconcrashbandicootplz: :iconoldspyroplz: :iconcynderplz: :iconnigel1plz: :iconhoagie2plz: :iconkuki3plz: :iconwally4plz: :iconabby5plz: *all screaming* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I can draw any official, FC or OC skylander for 30 points


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Your pic is just so awesome and amazing. I love the shading, shadows, the cuddly and adorable characters. and everything else about thi...


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Stamps: Spyro stamps: Classic Spyro Club Stamp by OldSpyroClub Young Cynder stamp by SuperSmashCynderLum Spyro Skylanders stamp by KingdomKira Cynder Skylanders stamp by KingdomKira Flame Stamp by RadSpyro Ember stamp by KingdomKira Classic Spyro Club Stamp 2 by OldSpyroClub Classic Spyro Club Stamp 3 by OldSpyroClub Sheila stamp by Carolzilla Sgt. Byrd stamp by Carolzilla Classic Spyro Club Stamp 6 by OldSpyroClub Classic Spyro Club Stamp 5 by OldSpyroClub Classic Spyro Club Stamp 7 by OldSpyroClub Classic Spyro Club Stamp 8 by OldSpyroClub Sparx Stamp by Caxsry14 Iggy stamp by Thornacious Cyril Stamp by Zero-the-Dragoness Ignitor by Marlenesstamps Stealth Elf by Marlenesstamps Zap by Marlenesstamps Series 2 Whirlwind Stamp by sapphire3690 :thumb293194158: Giants Series 1 Camo Stamp by sapphire3690 Chill by Marlenesstamps Hot Dog by Marlenesstamps Flashwing by Marlenesstamps Star Strike Stamp by sapphire3690 Roller Brawl Stamp by sapphire3690 Skylanders Scratch Stamp by RadSpyro :thumb293194442: :thumb293192172: Ninjini by Marlenesstamps Eye-Brawl by Marlenesstamps Wash Buckler Stamp by sapphire3690 Digimon stamps: Tokomon Stamp by Thunderbirmon Salamon Stamp by funlakota Patamon Stamp by SugerBubbles Gabumon stamp by SuperScoobyGirl Kotemon by Marlenesstamps Renamon Stamp by SakuMccutcheon Lopmon Stamp by Phewmonsuta Gatomon stamp by FortunaDraken Captain Hookmon stamp by Danitheangeldevil +Calumon-Culumon Stamp+ by Blackgatomon Terriermon by Marlenesstamps +Dorumon Stamp+ by Blackgatomon Gomamon Stamp by Sologirl-377 Biyomon Stamp by L3xil3in Kudamon Stamp by DevilsDump Impmon Stamp by SakuMccutcheon Gumdramon by Marlenesstamps :Stamp: Cutemon by Bunloaf Angemon Stamp by L3xil3in Garurumon by Marlenesstamps dinohumon stamp -1 by LadyBeelze Kyubimon by Marlenesstamps An Angewomon Stamp by LilithiumStamps WereGarurumon Stamp by Atlanta-Hammy :Stamp: MagnaAngemon by Bunloaf Pokemon stamps: Eevee fan stamp by Shineymagic Pikachu stamp by Moonlight-pendent13 039 Jigglypuff Stamp by Kevfin Chikorita Stamp by Mixolydia Skitty Stamp by RuukuxP Piplup Love Stamp by SquirtleStamps 447 - Riolu by Marlenesstamps Zorua Stamp 2 by Kevfin 255 - Torchic by Marlenesstamps 501 - Oshawott by Marlenesstamps :thumb187633388: 037 Vulpix Stamp by Kevfin 417 - Pachirisu by Marlenesstamps Emolga stamp by Mayu-Hikaru Minccino Stamp by Kevfin Fennekin Stamp by Aletheiia90 charizard stamp by PFV0-Stamp 477 - Dusknoir by Marlenesstamps Darkrai Stamp by ice-fire Suicune Stamp by ice-fire Latias Stamp by TerryRose Mew Love Stamp by SquirtleStamps Kirby stamps: Kirby Stamp by Zinnia-Aster META KNIGHT IS EPIC by oceanographergrl Dedede stamp by Evanatt Stamp- Escargon Fan by Skyebell Stamp Project 2- W. Dee Fan by Skyebell Magolor Stamp by latiaskirby Customer service/NME Sales Guy stamp by SuperSmashCynderLum Wolfwrath Stamp by Arrol-S Tiff/Fumu Stamp by migueruchan ribbon stamp by SuperSmashCynderLum Marx stamp 2 by CinsaTalXenoMaker Rick the Hamster stamp by SuperSmashCynderLum Galacta Knight Stamp Vers.1 by AgentDrago Coo stamp by SuperSmashCynderLum Daroach Stamp by Faroo-the-Owl Rayman stamps: Rayman stamp by katiewhy Globox stamp by queenhenide776 We Love Magician Stamp by RaymanLovesSouthPark Magician Stamp by RaymanLovesSouthPark Stamp :: Ly v5 by MastahRay Teensie Doctors - Stamp by Gav-Imp Rayman Legends - Barbara by PokuMii Twinkle stamp by SuperSmashCynderLum Mr.Dark stamp by Beliou Andre stamp by SuperSmashCynderLum Reflux stamp by SuperSmashCynderLum Andrea stamp by SuperSmashCynderLum Black lum Twinkle stamp by SuperSmashCynderLum Riley stamp by SuperSmashCynderLum Leptys stamp by SuperSmashCynderLum Super Smash Bros stamps: Super Smash Bros Wii U Stamp Series - Kirby by Kevfin Jigglypuff Stamp by yukidarkfan Meta Knight Stamp by yukidarkfan Super Smash Bros Wii U Stamp Series - King Dedede by Kevfin Super Smash Bros Wii U Stamp Series - Pikachu by Kevfin Pokemon Trainer Stamp by yukidarkfan SSBM: Pichu User by just-stamps SSBM: Mewtwo User by just-stamps Lucario Stamp by yukidarkfan Yoshi Stamp by yukidarkfan Super Smash Bros Wii U Stamp Series - Sonic by Kevfin Super Smash Bros Wii U Stamp Series - Mega Man by Kevfin Super Smash Bros - Pokeball Stamp Series - Eevee by Kevfin Super Smash Stamp by Kyllian MLP FIM Stamps: Pinkie Pie Stamp by jewlecho Discord Stamp by jewlecho MLP: Rainbow Dash stamp by DivineSpiritual Soarin' Stamp by jewlecho :thumb413813984: MLP - Spike x Rarity Stamp by Pippa6100 MLP: Rarity stamp by DivineSpiritual Spike Stamp by jewlecho MLP: Fluttershy stamp by DivineSpiritual .:request:. FlutterMac Stamp by schwarzekatze4 Anti Fluttercord Stamp by SoraJayhawk77 MLP: AppleJack stamp by Janbearpig REQUEST:  CaramelApple Stamp by inkypaws-productions Bowser n Koopalings stamps: Bowser Stamp by TheBowserClub Bowser Jr Love by kcjedi89 Larry Koopa Love Stamp by kcjedi89 Morton Koopa Love Stamp by kcjedi89 Wendy Koopa Love Stamp by kcjedi89 Iggy Koopa Love Stamp by kcjedi89 Roy Fan Stamp by RakPolaris Lemmy Koopa Love Stamp by kcjedi89 Ludwig Koopa Stamp Love by kcjedi89 Mario stamps: "The Green Thunder" by Sunshinylisee Waluigi by Level100JediGirl Wario Love Stamp by kcjedi89 Yoshi Stamp by NoNamepje Birdo Love Stamp by kcjedi89 Mario stamp by sketchedmonkey Luigi stamp by sketchedmonkey Princess Peach Stamp by godlessmachine Toad Stamp by Yowaii Crash Bandicoot stamps: :thumb260182259: :thumb260220403: Crash Stamp by pokeone123 Coco Bandicoot Stamp by xSweetSlayerx polar stamp by SuperSmashCynderLum Pura stamp by SuperSmashCynderLum Dr. N. Tropy Stamp by xSweetSlayerx Dr. Cortex Stamp by xSweetSlayerx :thumb311775640: Sonic stamps: Knuckles the Echidna Stamp by Karmarsi-Kedamoki Sonic stamp by SonyaLS Tails Stamp 2 by NoNamepje Shadow Fan Stamp by Fastmon Cream stamp by SonyaLS Lion King stamps: Simba Stamp by StampAG Cub Nala - animated stamp by Nala15 Kopa Fan Stamp by Konyhyuga-sama Vitani Stamp by RogueLottie Kiara Stamp by RogueLottie Misc stamps: Annoying Orange Stamp: Hey by Chelo-kun :thumb239178425: Ed, Edd n Eddy Stamp by Stay-Strong Spongebob stamp by Dreamypunk Kids Next Door Fan Stamp by Rhythm-Wily I luv AKU- stamp by Tifa-the-Strange Penguin Stamp by hosmer23

plus many more.

Pairings I love:

:iconspyroxcynderplz: :iconflamexemberplz: :iconhunterxbiancaplz:

Spyro x Cynder stamp by KingdomKira Cynder x Ignitor by Marlenesstamps Two Favs of the World by Zahuranecs Jigglypuff and Kirby Stamp by Sakurarmarie

All Spyro Stamp by RadSpyro Spyro 2 Stamp by RadSpyro Old-School RayMan Stamp by tails-sama Games - Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc by necromantress-stamps I miss the old CN by Nidsslamgirl-KND


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